Public Sector

Strong service orientation, increased demands for transparency and diversity as well as intensifying economic constraints pose immense challenges for the public sector. In addition, competition is becoming ever fiercer. Today, a professional public administration requires a performance-oriented organisational structure and a team-oriented, motivating understanding of leadership in parallel Alongside excellent management skills, the right feeling for the special decision-making and communication mechanisms in politics and administration is crucial for success.

HEADSAHEAD supports public sector institutions and bodies as well as associations, societies, chambers, foundations, trade fair companies, universities and research institutes in taking on these challenges. We have longstanding experience and an excellent network at federal, state and municipal levels to win over and sustainably retain high-performing managers for public institutions and non-profit organisations.

In light of the increasing regulation, the business community’s need for close exchange with politicians and administration in Berlin and Brussels is growing, too. We have tried and proven expertise here in staffing public affairs, supervisory and compliance positions for organisations.

Exemplary references:

  • Chairman of the supervisory board, nationwide waste disposal company
  • Managing director, federal association
  • President, university and/or higher education institution
  • Chancellor, university and/or higher education institution
  • President, sports governing body
  • CEO, Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • CEO, employers’ association
  • Executive board, foundation
  • Managing director, social welfare organisation
  • Managing director, airport company and/or trade fair organisation
  • Managing director, public transport company
  • Managing director, utilities and transport company