Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs

Consulting family-owned businesses is our passion. They have shaped our economy over many generations, and their success is based not least on their longstanding corporate culture, value orientation and high sense of responsibility towards employees and society.

We advise family-owned businesses on the structuring of their corporate governance, corporate succession and the hiring of non-family company management. In addition, we provide support in the targeted contacting and selection of advisory and supervisory boards, too. Of course, we make sure that the personalities fit with the corporate culture and contribute to the sustainable success of the family-run business.

Our consultants have several years of expertise and are often themselves members of supervisory and administrative boards in family-owned businesses. As reliable sparring partners for key entrepreneurial decisions, we bring along a professional “view from the outside” and contribute to decision-making reliability and accuracy. We place special focus on the family’s individual interests and concerns. Knowledge of entrepreneurs’ personal connection to their company and respect for their special responsibility form the basis for a trusting cooperation.

During our projects, we hold intensive discussions with everyone involved, be it with the shareholder advisory board, the supervisory body, with individual shareholders or with the shareholders’ persons of trust. We reflect the market openly and transparently, but with tact and intuition.

Extending beyond classic executive search, we support family-owned businesses in important questions about strategic corporate management – in fundamental issues, the regulation of corporate governance structures, the management structure or the design of participation models.