We find the right personalities

We staff management positions at the first two corporate levels as well as advisory and supervisory board positions in the form of direct searches. To this end, we contact candidates in a targeted and personal way for specific search mandates.

During the search process, we focus intensively on our clients’ and candidates’ individual needs. Instead of ready-made solutions, we provide you with customised project work. That is why we conduct a structured market analysis at the start of each search process.

We bring the right personalities together in a confidential setting. This makes it possible for our clients to gain an overview of the market, sharpen their own coordinates system and to take a sustainable decision.

We ensure a high level of transparency through ongoing written documentation of project progress and an assessment of candidates and candidates’ performance based on comprehensible performance factors.

The process

  1. Briefing by the client and development of the specifications:
    Analyse the corporate profile
    Define the job and candidate profile
  2. Creation of a market analysis:
    · Define the search strategy and list of target firms
    Conduct client- and function group-based market and data research, recommendation management
    · Identify appropriate candidates in a structured way
  3. Direct approach:
    · Establish contact by phone, review suitability and willingness to change
  4. Interview by HEADSAHEAD:
    · Conduct personal and structured interviews
  5. Development of a confidential report:
    · Analyse and evaluate the professional, intellectual and personal qualifications
    · Conduct an assessment
  6. Presentation of the suitable candidates:
    ·HEADSAHEAD consultant personally supports and moderates the discussions
    · Make a recommended decision
  7. Obtaining references/candidate assessment (Hogan) – optional
  8. Integration of final candidates:
    · Support contract negotiations
    · Conduct onboarding

Our standard: THE BEST FIT