Boosting Shareholder Value

We are experienced partners of private equity companies and know the German market. We build bridges between the concerns of investors and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

In addition to classic PE funds, we support family offices, especially mid-cap investment companies and high net worth private individuals in the development of their corporate investments. We advise them regarding the search for entrepreneurial leaders for their portfolio companies as well as the hiring of investment professionals and senior advisors for the advisory board. We have a strong and reliable network of auditors, lawyers, investment banks and consultants. We also bring in our experience in designing deal- or growth-oriented salary and participation models for management.

We are involved in buy-and-build considerations at an early stage and start the search in parallel to the mostly exclusive due diligence. We get to know existing shareholders personally and obtain a meaningful picture for a successful search, behind which all shareholders stand as well. As experts for family-owned businesses and medium-sized companies, we bring along the special market know-how and, above all, the necessary understanding of the acquired company’s culture. In this way, we support you in achieving the targeted upturn in shareholder value – and do so in a sustainable manner.