Executive Assessments

Whenever required, we systematically consult and support our clients with additional aptitude diagnostics validation tools such as executive assessments and management audits. Focus here is on leadership and management competencies and, above all, the candidate’s personality. The objective is to find the person who fits with the relevant corporate culture and who will further develop it in a future-oriented way. Our consulting experts who implement the specific diagnostics tools relevant for this have excellent methodological competence and their own management expertise.

As certified consultants, we work with the recognised Executive Assessment Hogan. This web-based assessment tool validates managers’ behaviour. It is tailored around global research conducted for decades and, among other things, it refers to the “Five Factors Model” that is classified as the reference model in personality psychology.

On request, we also use individually designed management audits for the selection process with in-depth interviews and presentations as well as detailed feedback to the candidates. These management audits take into account the special features of the industry, position, organisation and corporate culture of our clients.

In addition, we work with selected coaching partners who bring along expertise and many years of experience in the corporate strategy, leadership development and communication segments.