Human capital remains most important asset

Business Services have become an essential part of industries throughout the world. In Germany the sector has been shaped by medium sized, family run companies but meanwhile some global corporations gain significant importance. As all industries look to divest non-core operations in order to cut costs and concentrate on core competencies, business and professional services firms have the opportunity to grow substantially. In the Professional Services sector with consulting, audit, law, IT and other professional services firms, long-term corporate success particularly depends on the excellence, expertise and passion of the responsible teams.

For services organizations, human capital is the most important differentiator and source of competitive advantage. The quality of the service offering this high performance driven industry, and therefore the potential for top-line growth and bottom-line profitability, foremost is driven by attracting and developing truly excellent people.

HEADSAHEAD has longstanding expertise in staffing leadership positions in the services sector, deep know-how and outstanding networking.


Exemplary references:

  • Managing Director Managed Services, IT-Services group
  • Managing Director Operations, international business process outsourcing provider, family group
  • CIO, international services group
  • Chief Sales Officer Germany, international postal services
  • Executive Partner, global management consulting firm
  • Managing Partner, IT and management consultant
  • Partner Audit, tax advisory and audit services partnership
  • Chief Operating Officer, global supply chain provider, family group
  • Head of Global HR –  international business process outsourcing provider, family group
  • Chief Operating Officer, global customer services group
  • Partner Legal, partnership of lawyers, tax advisors and auditors
  • Head of Product Development, payment service


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