The Changing Face of Retail

Trade faces major shifts and changes across and beyond all industries. Digitalization is speeding up the world of retail and trade. Not only does the market have to deal with how the online business can meaningfully be interlinked with the stationary business. A significant change is also taking place in the underlying processes, from procurement through to logistics. Today, management is challenged more than ever before to penetrate the business and processes, and be open to opportunities of change.

HEADSAHEAD helps you find the right candidates for the challenges of your company’s individual situation, therefore providing the decisive impulse for the successful shaping of change. Due to longstanding business management and consulting experience across industries, we have insights into retail from "the inside," and staff management positions and supervisory boards in all functional areas.


Exemplary references:

  • CEO, chain store
  • CFO, chain store
  • Director sales Germany, vertical chain store luxury
  • Head of logistics national, LEH
  • Head of IT, international direct supplier
  • CEO International, non-food chain store
  • Consultants, international procurement consulting
  • HR manager, national chain store
  • Head of finance, family-owned company
  • Managing director of logistics, furniture chain store
  • Head of marketing, European direct sales
  • Supervisory board, LEH chain store

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