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Hardly any economic sector has boomed as much as the real estate industry over the last few years. Prospects remain stable due to lower interest rates and a positive economic development in Germany. Foreign and German investors are still optimistic. At the same time, the industry is undergoing change: in the industry traditionally characterized by mid-sized enterprises, Group structures have emerged for the first time in Germany over the past few years; professionalization has penetrated the entire industry. Investors and players are international, whereas the real estate business is local. Ultimately, that is why the keys to success are still insights into the regional markets as well as management’s building and project development expertise.

We support the whole spectrum of the industry in staffing leadership positions: real estate investors and asset/property managers, mortgage banks, project development companies, major construction companies as well as international architecture firms in the various real estate segments.


Exemplary references:

  • CFO, real estate project development company
  • CEO, international architecture firm
  • CFO, private equity project development company
  • Divisional head of real estate financing, mortgage bank
  • Head of real estate asset management Europe, asset manager, bank
  • Head of project development, real asset manager, family office
  • Head of corporate real estate, retail group
  • Head of real estate M&A, asset manager, insurance

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