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Service orientation, increased demands on transparency and intensifying economic constraints are presenting the public sector with new challenges. Winds of competition are not infrequently blowing. Now more than ever before, a professional public administration requires state-of-the-art entrepreneurial, organisational structures with a performance-focused leadership culture. Besides excellent management competencies, the managers’ right feeling for the particular decision-making and communication mechanisms in politics and administration is thus especially crucial for success.

HEADSAHEAD supports institutions, organisations and associations of the public sector in taking on these challenges and adapting their organisation accordingly. We have an outstanding network at the federal, country and municipal levels, and we support you during the search for and selection of suitable managers and supervisory board members for public undertakings such as:

  • Statutory health insurance and pension insurance companies
  • State institutions and foundations
  • Universities and research institutions
  • Trade, cultural, social and sports associations
  • Public utility and waste disposal companies
  • Airport operating, transport and trade fair companies
  • Chambers of industry & commerce/chambers of crafts


In light of intensifying regulation, the economy’s demand for a close exchange with politicians and administration in Berlin and Brussels is growing, too. In this segment, we have longstanding experience in staffing public affairs, supervisory board and compliance positions for public sector companies.


Exemplary references:

  • Chairman of the supervisory board, nationwide waste disposal company
  • Supervisory board, public sector portfolio company
  • Executive board, statutory health insurance company
  • Head of IT and head of HR, statutory health insurance company
  • Director, development bank
  • Managing director, federal association
  • Chief economist, association
  • CEO, municipal holding company
  • Chancellor and President, university
  • Director, consultancy Brussels
  • Commercial manager, social association
  • CEO, top sports association
  • Managing director, employers‘ association
  • Managing director, pension scheme organisation
  • Zoo director
  • CEO, industry association
  • Executive board, research organisation
  • Secretary general, Federal foundation
  • Managing director, chamber of industry & commerce
  • CEO, state tourism company
  • CEO, city marketing company
  • CEO, trade fair company
  • Association chairman, state association
  • District council, district
  • Alderman, large city administration
  • Executive board, foundation
  • CEO, business development organisation

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