We support our clients in winning over the best leadership personality available for a position so that they will stay one decisive step ahead of the competitors.

The candidate’s outstanding professional and intellectual competencies are basic prerequisites for every position successfully filled. However, the new leader’s sustainable success calls for more: the fit between personality and corporate culture.


We place tremendous importance on understanding companies and candidates holistically. Together with the client, we analyze the individual company’s situation as well as the management and performance culture and the related requirements profile for the position. We take the time to talk to the candidates about values, motivations, the understanding of leadership and personal issues.

THE BEST FIT – identification of the best candidate by objectively evaluating the professional and personal fit with your company. For this purpose, our consultants bring along their longstanding experience, the necessary instinct and the essential intuitive feeling.

Shared Values

No people, no company without values. Values are lived; they manifest themselves in dealing with dialogue partners, in a cooperative mindset and assertiveness. These soft skills are what deliver the hard facts. The question is: Do the values fit together? It’s important to us to bring companies and personalities together who share the same values. This forms the basis for shared success.

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