On the Safe Side

The digital revolution, a low interest rate environment, cost pressure and changes in customer behaviour are profoundly transforming the insurance market today. New framework conditions, fiercer competition and a faster pace are challenging management to rethink, and calling into question traditional business models and organisations. This is also changing requirements on managers’ strategic and professional competencies as well as their communication skills. Willingness to change in corporate management with regard to the product landscape – especially in the life insurance business –, business processes and state-of-the-art forms of communication is required.

HEADSAHEAD has longstanding expertise in staffing leadership positions in the German insurance sector, deep industry know-how and outstanding networking.


Exemplary references:

  • Executive board sales, German insurance company
  • Executive board finance/capital market, German insurance company
  • Head of capital investments, pension fund
  • Managing director, online insurance
  • CEO IT, statutory health insurance
  • Divisional head legal affairs, statutory health insurance
  • Head of motor insurance, regional insurance group of companies
  • Head of compliance, international financial service provider
  • Head of brokerage and exclusivity sales, German insurance company
  • Head of marketing, public-sector insurance company
  • Director of financial services, international IT group of companies

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