People or Profit – Healthcare in Transformation

Should our healthcare system be safeguarded as ″systemically relevant″ against strong market economy constraints - or should it not only cover its costs, but also ideally generate a profit? This question is increasingly raised during times of crisis. It can probably not be clearly answered either – although the weighting has changed in the wake of the Corona pandemic. It again became clear that, above all, the healthcare system serves to promote the well-being of people and thus, of course, society as a whole.

Nevertheless, the healthcare industry is up against major challenges like the need for digitalization, demographic change – and especially the intensifying lack of highly qualified and motivated managers in diverse sectors (alongside medicine and nursing care, also management positions in staff functions as well as in research, development and production).  

Our consultants have long-standing experience in staffing leadership positions in the healthcare industry. Not only do we have deep insights into the special features of the healthcare market, but we also speak its language. For example, we support institutions like university hospitals, municipal and regional hospitals, private specialized and rehabilitation clinics, social facilities in the nursing care segment, associations and laboratory chains or larger-scale institutions in the registered doctors’ sector in finding the senior managers who will enhance and advance your company on a sustainable basis.


Exemplary References:

  • Medical director of non-surgical divisions, clinic
  • Commercial director, institute of pathology
  • Chief physician neuropaediatrics, maximum care hospital
  • Head of microbiology, laboratory group
  • Managing director, major non-profit foundation in the geriatrics sector
  • Chief physician psychiatry, psychosomatic private clinic
  • Clinic director, private rehabilitation clinic
  • Managing director nursing care, major German social welfare association
  • Executive board member, statutory health insurance
  • Divisional manager strategy, statutory health insurance
  • Head of legal services, statutory health insurance
  • Chief physician ophthalmic clinic, university hospital
  • CEO, university hospital

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