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The aviation and aerospace industry has been growing continuously for more than 20 years now, and the trend is unrelenting. In the process, civil aviation, as the strongest segment, is benefiting from globalization and a continual upturn in freight volume. At the same time, new Asian manufacturers are challenging the passenger aircraft producers’ duopoly position. Similar to the automotive industry, the industrial structures are on the threshold of fundamental changes regarding the issues of electric aviation and electro-mobility.

In the aerospace industry, an infrastructure has emerged in Germany on a world-class level for telecommunications, earth observation and navigation thanks to investments, especially from the public sector. To tap the infrastructure’s potential, new forms of interdisciplinary collaboration are taking shape, with information technology, too. The so-called ″new space economy″ is also bringing venture capital to the interface between aerospace and the digital industry, and it is becoming the pacesetter of commercial aerospace.

Despite growth, the aviation and aerospace industry is facing massive disruptive upheavals. The structural transformation calls for deep insights of an unprecedented technological scope. This understanding must be internalized, lived out by management and successfully implemented for new business segments.

Due to our longstanding industry expertise, HEADSAHEAD knows what the increased requirements on management are, and we support our clients in searching for and selecting senior executives, supervisory and advisory boards. 


Exemplarische Referenzen:

  • CTO, family-owned satellite manufacturer
  • CFO, aircraft manufacturer, international investor
  • Managing Director, consumer electronics producer
  • Production Manager, satellite manufacturer
  • Program Manager, international aviation and aerospace group
  • Head of Finance, international project firm
  • Technical Director, international aviation and aerospace group
  • Division Manager, technology, international electronics group
  • Head of Operations, analytical measuring instruments producer
  • Director of Data Analytics, financial services company
  • Project Manager of Civil/Military, international aviation firm

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