A personal approach

We consult our clients individually and professionally with maximum personal commitment. HEADSAHEAD exemplifies the highest quality standards and efficient, transparent search processes.

With us, you’ll receive project work tailored to your specific needs instead of off-the-rack solutions. We are only satisfied when the BEST FIT has been achieved.

After analyzing corporate objectives and requirements of the position in detail, we define measurable competence-based criteria as objectively as possible, based upon which we evaluate the candidates. This takes place according to systematic research in the scope of structured interviews. In this way, we contribute to a
well-founded decision for our clients.

During the search process, we are available as a critical, independent sparring partner and moderator. Candid, open and honest communication is standard business practice for us.

We conduct our search requests meticulously and discretely in line with the "honourable businessman" approach. In many cases, we’re connected to our clients by a longstanding, partnership-driven relationship. Follow-up projects and further recommendations are therefore the rule.

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