Career advice in schools

Today, finding and developing talent is more important than ever. Together with the WAZ media group and the Hoerde Secondary School we have launched a remarkable pilot project: since 2010 HEADSAHEAD provides support to final year pupils to help them recognise and develop their talents and abilities in teamwork. The goal is to give them a better start to their careers or to help them in the next phases of their academic lives.

At a time where there is a severe shortage of qualified skilled workers and specialists, it is very necessary to reach out and find talent where it has not yet been searched for. Through our pilot project we have discovered that there are many talented young people at secondary schools whose abilities should be developed. These findings deeply impressed us. With this project we would like to set an example and our greatest wish is to inspire as many consultants and companies as possible to set up similar projects with their local schools.

project Reports

"Lieber Hauptschüler als selbstverliebte Egozentriker"
VDI nachrichten
Oktober 2014

"Souveränität ist erlernbar"
Februar 2014

"Erfolgreich starten"
Berliner Zeitung
September 2013

"Headhunter meets Hauptschüler"
August 2013

"Mit dem Mut zur Augenhöhe"
Ruhr Wirtschaft
Juni 2013

"Ein Coaching fürs Leben"
Ruhr Wirtschaft
Mai 2013

"Die Suche nach dem eigenen Schatz"
Westfälische Rundschau
Dezember 2012

"Bereit für die Zukunft"
Westfälische Rundschau
Februar 2012

"Das Experiment Jobsuche"
Westfälische Rundschau
September 2011

"Eine Stunde kann das Leben ändern"
Westfälische Rundschau
Juli 2011

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